Countermark Saga Frozen sword Torrent Free Download

Countermark Saga Frozen sword Torrent Free Download

Countermark Saga Frozen Sword is a turn-based strategy based in Aksia, a medieval continent. Follow the story of a great war between the seven races, where you are the leader of a journey for restoration.As you move forward, you will uncover a hidden truth behind the never-ending conflict that has engulfed the continent for a long time between ruling states.

Countermark Saga Frozen sword Free Download



OS: Win 7 / Win 10
Processor: Pentium Dual Core
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Geforce FX5600 / ATI Radeon9600
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 300 MB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Sound Card
Additional Notes: XP will not run


1.Turn-based SRPG game with clear rules. Create your own strategy!

2. Beautiful, carefully designed pixel art combat animations.

3. Challenging turn-based battles for each with a variety of objectives in Kill Targets, Survive, Escape, and Elimination.

4. Take advantage of the barrier system, use the major weapon type to crush your enemies.

5. Battle over fortified points: Leaving and seizing enemy fortified points to gain resources.

6. Different types of combat units are available and the same units can be trained to become different classes.

7. Entering the arena to encase and challenge your weapons!

Countermark Saga Frozen sword Torrent

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