Petz Dogz 2 Torrent Free Download

Petz Dogz 2 Torrent Free Download

Petz Dogz 2 Torrent Free Download. Petz Dogz and Katz is a series of single-player video games dating back to 1995, in which players can adopt, raise, care for their own virtual pets. The original Petz has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide and has grown to over 22 million copies since coming under the brand Ubisoft. The original Petz games were developed by P.F. Magic.

Petz Dogz 2 Torrent Free Download.After earning $ 8 million in revenue in 1997, P.F. In 1998, Magic was acquired by The Learning Company for $ 15.8 million. In 2001, Ubisoft acquired the entertainment division of The Learning Company, which granted exclusive publishing rights to 88 titles, including Dobeys and Katz.  After UbiSoft acquired the series, some games that were originally Japanese in origin were localized under the name Petz. For example, Hamsterz Life 2 on Petz: Game Boy Advance is a localization of Hamster Club 3, and is distinct from its DS counterpart, although both DS Hamsterz games were also Japanese-developed but published in the English territories by Ubisoft Were. The game is based on Dog Island, in which the player controls a dog or cat through the atmosphere while completing tasks. Before the game begins, the player is asked to choose the breed, sex, and name of the animal at the end, all of which have no effect in the game.

Petz Dogz 2 Free Download

Petz Dogz 2 Torrent Free Download.The player can walk, run, crawl and push rocks as a locomotive. During the game, the player encounters a variety of hostile animals, such as snakes, gorillas, and bats, which will injure the player when moving too close. When an enemy attacks, the bubble signals their mood above their head. The player starts at 3 HP, which is upgraded at certain points in the game up to 8; If they all expire, the player must start at the last save point. The player can startle enemies by barking / meowing behind them, which can be held down for a longer effect in the case of a dog, it will turn their bark into an ant, or by throwing pebbles against them. Bubbles appear above friendly non-playing characters, as well as to indicate that they need the player’s assistance for an action.The player can explore 14 locations in the game including the beach, lake, forest, and so on. Not all of them are initially open to the player, requiring specific tasks to be completed first. While the player will visit every area at one point in the game, many parts are optional and can be opened by skills gained later in the game.

Petz Dogz 2 Torrent Free Download. Once the player earns the Warp Ring from Arvin, they can be used to save normally through a magical stone for free between six locations. Each region has its own dangers independent of hostile animals, such as a poisonous lake in Sky Heights, more heat in Inferno Cave, and tornado in Lonesome Park. Some areas host zoo animals that can be challenged for mini-games, including football and sprints, to bring them back to the zoo in South Pavilion, where players can challenge them again. The game is tightly woven compared to Dog Island; The South Pavilion serves as a central hub connecting all the branches of the island. Due to this, no traveler has an inn or shop; Every purchase and full therapy through sleep is therefore only in South Powell. The game has a variety of obtainable items. Fruits, vegetables, and plot-related items are collected by sniffing and digging them the availability and location of the items are indicated in two circles that appear when the player sniffs. The player can catch butterflies, insects, and fishes, each of which can be sold at the pawnshop in South Pavilion for gold, or, in the case of fishes, sent to the aquarium for later viewing. Gold, the currency of the game, is also received as a reward for completing tasks and can be spent to purchase healing goods, accessories, and clothing.

Dog and cat versions of the game contain almost identical material, are distinguished from individual animals, and have certain subject nomenclature such as medical items in the game named after meat for dogs, but for cats For tunas. The player is a dog or cat living in South Pavilion, located on a large island. The player’s father, Arvin, owns Magic Hat, a family heirloom that contains a powerful spell that can be used for good or evil. When the player’s best friend Victor talks about a rogue wolf named Evlette at the police station in North Pavilion, he invites the player to investigate. Sheriff Ada warns them near the inlet, who usually sleep during the day. This gives Victor the idea of ​​going to him at night. When the two arrive at the Event that night, he sneaks in to give the Magic Hat to that player. This empowers him with magic, which he uses to destroy the pavilions and make the wild animals hostile. Ada imprisons the player, but is freed by Augusta, who states that the player must take responsibility by helping the people of the city, while Victor decides to take the player’s place as a settlement. Outside the police station, the player meets with Beat, the good side of Magic Hat, who asks for the player’s help in getting the hat back. After the player helps Pawanvilas stay in all the cities, he is instructed by Arvin to meet and assist the magician Theophilus living in Sky Heights in combination with the inlet. Theophilus states that the Magic Hat, which is usually of blue color, if used always for evil, becomes darker, and if it turns black, it will turn its user into a monster Will corrupt you. The magic shield is required to suppress the power of the cap, which is made up of three crystals: water, earth, and ice crystals. Once the player collects them, Theophilus sends the player to meet with his brother, Bartholomew, who travels to Gongoro Peak.

The Minimum:

  • Supported OS: Windows Vista / XP / 2000.
  • Processor: 800 MHz Pentium III or AMD K6-III processor.
  • Memory: 256 MB.
  • Graphics: 128 MB DirectX 9-compliant video card see supported list.
  • DirectX version: DirectX 9.0.
  • Sound: 16-bit DirectX 9.0c compliant sound card.
  • Hard drive: 700 MB for full installation.
  • Peripheral: Windows keyboard and mouse only.
  •  Video cards supported at the time of release: Nvidia Geforce  2/3/4 / FX / 4 /time/series, ATI Radon® 7000000/9000000/9000 / X series, Metro Paraleria.

Key Features:

  • Choose from seven adorable breeds including Boxer and Husky, each with a different fur color and texture.
  • Mix and match with Mix & Breedz, including robots, tuxedos, zebras, and more.
  • Keep a daily pet journal where you can record your thoughts and show badges and puppy photos.
  • Print photos of your puppy and share it with friends.


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