RimWorld v1.0.2282 Torrent Free Download

RimWorld v1.0.2282 Torrent Free Download:

RimWorld v1.0.2282 Torrent Free Download is a sci-fi colony sim run by an intelligent Fi narrator. Inspired by Dwarf Fortress, Firefly, and Dunes.¬†Rimworld is a story generator. The attack designed for imprisoned pirates, desperate colonists, co-authors of tragic, twisted, and victorious stories about starvation and survival. It works by controlling the “random” events the world throws at you.

RimWorld v1.0.2282 Torrent Free Download

Every typhoon, pirate raid, and travel seller is a card introduced in your story by AI Storyteller. There are many storytellers to choose from. Randy Random does crazy stuff, Cassandra goes for the classic rising tension, and Phoebe Chicks likes to relax.

RimWorld v1.0.2282 Free Download:

Your colonialists are not professional settlers – crashed into the destroyed passenger liner in the classroom. You may end up with a nobleman, an accountant, and a housewife. To improve more colonists by imprisoning them in war and turning them to themselves, buying them from slave traders, or taking them into refugees. So your colony will always be a motive crew.

There is a need to protect them from many dangers such as disease on this heterogeneous planet. There are many ways to get rid of enemies by training farm animals, pets or animals! When you train any of them on this planet, they will follow you till the end. Remember that they can be killed during the le. So, if there is a risky war on your way, consider sending them. It would cost so much to re-train them in Rimworld. You may not even be able to do it again.

You will encounter a variety of enemies in Rimworld, such as animals, pirate attackers, giant tunneling insects, hostile tribes, and ancient killing machines. You can read about their abilities before you meet any of them on the actual battlefield. In that case, you will get better results in the fight. There are different ways of gathering resources on the planet. You have to find the easiest ways to do it. Anything you want to buy will require resources.

Key Features:

  • Manage the moods, needs, wounds, illnesses, and addictions of colonists.
  • Build-in jungle, desert, jungle, tundra, and more.
  • Look at how colonialists develop and break up relationships with family members, lovers, and spouses.
  • Replace injured organs and organs with prosthetics, bionics, or other cut off biological parts.
  • Fight pirates, tribes, crazy animals, giant insects, and ancient killing machines.
  • Craft structures, weapons, and apparel from metal, wood, stone, fabric and futuristic materials.
  • Attack and train cute pets, productive farm animals and deadly animals.
  • Trade with passing ships and caravans.
  • Form caravans complete quests, trade, attack other factions, or flee their entire colony.
  • Dig through snow, weather storms and fight fires.
  • Capture the refugees or prisoners and turn them over or sell them into slavery.


System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP
Processor: Core 2 Duo
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 384 MB RAM
Storage: 500 MB available space

RimWorld v1.0.2282 Torrent:

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