Starship Theory Torrent Free Download

Starship Theory Torrent Free Download

Starship Theory Torrent Free Download is a ship building survival game. Mine and trade to gather resources. Planning and creating new upgrades. Train and crew management. Build a starship in your way. Plan the layout. Build upgrades. Research new technology. Maintain complex components. Vent oxygen to extinguish the fire. Split up and my asteroid. Trade with neutral ships you encounter. Threatening and bribing opponents. Salve minerals from wrecked vessels.

Starship Theory Torrent Free Download

Train your crew in agility, endurance, intelligence, engineering, and combat. Keep fed, relaxed, and happy, so that perform at best. Make sure the ship is clean and topped with oxygen. Attach the warp jump to avoid disaster.

Starship Theory Free Download

Starship Theory Torrent Free Download is a survival game where you have to build a ship, improve it, train your crew, and gather resources for only one reason to live the second day of your journey. You make everything from the ground up, be careful of the details of every step of the way, and hopefully, you will survive a spectacular journey through space. You’ll start in an escape pod going all over the area, and meet random astronauts, along with asteroids and stars along the way. With you, there is a small crew of four members, some resources, and an extensive menu of options to get you off the ground.Starship Theory Torrent Free Download

The central and most important part of the Starship Theory is very shipbuilding. It is where the game gets a strategic flavor, as you need to connect parts while keeping the ship safe. Balance the size of the components inside and out, so that your crew and ship get everything they need to survive. There are several text boxes on your screen, and each of them deals with something with your cargo, others list your actions, and you have to find the meaning of all of them yourself. There is no tutorial, fighting for dear life, leaving the player feeling that they in space.

Starship Theory Torrent Free Download

Starship Theory Torrent Free Download may have a simple pictorial style, but the game has a lot of depth. As a player, you can rely on hours of entertainment mining asteroids and wreck craft to customize your spacecraft. As you face hazards such as onboard fire, you have to give some thought to whether your aircraft is not good enough to survive. Everything is slow, maybe even more time-consuming than you expected, but that doesn’t mean the game is easy. Conversely, it is like a ‘losing is fun’ experience that many live sports enjoy.

The Pros

Open-ended gameplay as you build your ship
Very deep
Despite the simple graphics


Retro visual style may turn off some players
It lacks narrative as an open game.


I’ve got all the way, Capitol!

  • Build a starship in your unique way.
  • Plan the format. Build an overhaul.
  • Research new innovations.
  • Maintain complex parts.
  • Vent oxygen to fire.

Make It So

  • Break apart and mine space rocks.
  • Exchange with fair boats that you experience.
  • Destroying and influencing disasters.
  • Protection of minerals from destroyed boats.

live long and prosper

  • Prepare your team in readiness, consistency, knowledge, building, and fighting.
  • Keep them encouraged, refreshed and happy so that they can complete it.
  • Ensure that the ship is streamlined and finished with oxygen.

Resistance is Futile

  • Attract unfriendly by focusing on particular segments.
  • Open new weapons.
  • Overseas Warm Level.
  • Keep space away from accidents with rocks.
  • Continue to get warmer than going by a star.
  • Join the turn boom to avoid disaster.

Order Requirement

The Minimum:

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GT 640 or equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 500 MB available space

Starship Theory Torrent

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